2017 SDFW Awards Ceremony

Written By Vinny Kropodra/Edited by Lindsay Chatterson
This year was another succesful year for everyone!  Unlike past years though, we are beginning to see a trend, the youth within the community are beginning to outshine their mentors.  We had 43 entries this year and over 50% were youth, which is great to see!
We would like to thank the trophy committee, Dennis Nobiss and Scott Holberton for their continued efforts in recognizing everyones achievements.  We would also like to thank Don Patterson for donating his time scoring all the trophies throughout the year.

Below is a list of categories that you can enter your trophies into, and remember, just because it isn't as big as some of the harvested fish and animals on TV doesn't mean it's not a trophy!  We like to see everyone's achievements, every harvest should be considered a trophy!

No adults

Jr. Cutthroat
Madlen Gentile            2.66 lbs
Brayden Holberton   2.01 lbs

Lane Ogden                    1.84 lbs
Kaylee Reid                     1.71 lbs
Ashlynn Rusnak            1.59 lbs
Hanna Whiting              1.52 lbs
Kourtney Holberton  1.42 lbs

Jr. Rainbow Trout
Tessa Fraser   4.21 lbs

Jr. Kokanee
Carly Rusnak   0.34 lbs
Ashlynn Rusnak   0.32 lbs

Jr. Bull Trout
Kaylee Reid    5.37 lbs
Carly Rusnak  0.69 lbs

No entries

Black Bear
Samantha Marks    17 9/16

Jr. Bear
Sierra Wyld  17 9/16

No entries

Chad Bowen (Archery)   15 1/16

Jr. Cougar
Cameron Grywacheski   14 6/16

No entries

Jeremy Rusnak   325 4/8

Julien Bouvier     293 6/8
Danny Whiting   292 6/8
Kent Fraser           287 1/8

Larry Henriet       272 1/8
Shawna Mitchell  247 1/8

Archery Elk
Dennis Meadows 224 5/8

Elk Non-Typical
Lindsay Chatterson   309 0/8
Chris Laflamme            282 4/8

Jr. Elk
Hanna Whiting         305 0/8
Aiden Grywacheski   200 2/8

White tail
Rick Reid                140 4/8
Jeremy Rusnak   132 0/8
Colin Marion         99 6/8      

Jr. Whitetail
Kaylee Reid             135 4/8
Sierra Wyld              135 3/8
Cameron Grywacheski    98 2/8
Mitchel Wyld            90 1/8
Jacob Zahn                 80 4/8
Kaylen Therrien      73 7/8
Madlen Gentile        68 2/8

Mule Deer
Lindsay Chatterson     138 4/8
Chad Bowen (out of province)    161 2/8

Jr. Mule deer
Hanna Whiting  152 1/8

Jacob Zahn           109 6/8

Simon MacNaughton    41

Jr. Goat
No entries

Darren Reghenas    199 0/8

Sr. Grand Aggregate
No entries

Jr. Grand Aggregate -Dwayne Fraser Memorial
No entries